Son of Zebedee Ministry is a Christian Missions Organization

A daughter or son of Zebedee is called by Elohim overseas to fish in foreign lands
among various people groups whenever and wherever Holy Spirit leads. Alleluia!
According to Scripture, two brothers, James and John, were the sons of Zebedee.
When Jesus called these fishermen to “come and see” they dropped their nets, left
their family business in their father’s care and obeyed Christ taking up their crosses and following Him. Read
Mark 1:16-20 ~

Son of Zebedee Ministry is a Global Missionary Alliance

James and John exemplify our fishing ministry. We genuinely, humbly, and with
a fullness of heart encourage and invite believers who hear our Master calling them
to “come and see” by contacting us to volunteer overseas. James and John were
among Jesus’ closest companions. When the dead daughter of a synagogue official
was raised back to life, Jesus “allowed James and John” to witness. Read Mark 5:35-37 ~

Son of Zebedee Ministry offers Missions Work Around the World

As this present Age approaches an end, Elohim calls fishermen overseas to “come and see.”
Psalms 110:3 ~

You may contact us with questions regarding our Christian Mission Organization Global Missionary Alliance. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Son of Zebedee does not require fees at any stage of a believer’s inquiry or active volunteering into mission work around the world. Our online form is presently disabled due to unsolicited spams.


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