That is the very Sea of Galilee from which my Master called His fishermen to “come and see simulator spiele pc kostenlos downloaden.” This photo serves as inspiration for every believer called to farm, fish or labor overseas for the harvest is ripe. Whether you seek your first assignment or seek to serve in a new white field, as a Christian Missions Organization Global Missionary Alliance we are here to serve His Holy Spirit guide us to get the job done for Abba YHWH’s glory and honor bubble witch 3 for free.

Too many sending expert organizations concern themselves with raising support, learning language components or having Holy Spirit-led candidates submit to personality profiles as if Jesus Christ plays no role in a believer’s call to farm, fish or labor overseas download adobe premiere. Our advice is lean not on human understanding, get on your knees in contact with the best sending consultant expert in the world: Immanuel and trust in His leading kan je fortnite downloaden op ps4. Rejoice and be glad for His Written Word promises in Scripture is alive! He won’t forsake your calling: the best place to encounter Jesus Christ is in His white fields on earth for His glory and honor herunterladen. Have faith then come and see!

Christian Missions Organization Global Missionary Alliance

Son of Zebedee Ministry stands apart from traditional sending organizations in that we are based in an overseas white field where the harvest is ripe Download bass music for free. Personal development, relationships and skills to farm, fish and/or labor are built by practice not by classroom instruction. The character, commitment, courage, humility, integrity, obedience to ELOHIM, priorities, passion, purpose, self-discipline, values, vision and wisdom to bring glory and honor to Abba YHWH are gifts of His Holy Spirit only ps vita games for free. Son of Zebedee Ministry as a Christian Missions Organization Global Missionary Alliance joyfully serves His Kingdom. Pray then come and see! Hosanna ~

“I thank [Abba YHWH] Who gives strength, Christ Jesus our Adonai, because He judges the faithful, appointing us to His [Kingdom] service, …”

1 Timothy 1:12 ~