are YOU a fisherman serving in His Kingdom!

Not every believer of Immanuel is called to fish for His Kingdom! Some are called to financially and spiritually support fishermen. Jesus Christ commands fervent prayer to our heavenly Abba YHWH for willing fishermen for the end-times harvest is indeed ripe but the fishermen are few and too-often far between. Ask YHWH’s Holy Spirit, Who dwells mightily in every genuine and humble believer of Advocate Immanuel to guide you in discovering whether your calling is to serve in His Kingdom! When we kneel before our Judge Immanuel at the Bema Seat, let us all have done our part so as to hear Him say “well done, good and faithful servant.” Fishing for people glorifies and honors our Holy Creator Most High in heaven. Come and see for yourself on a short-term overseas assignment. Have faith: Holy Spirit will open doors through which to walk into His Kingdom! It takes enabling supernatural patience and perseverance to serve those who have less. One of the best rewards is seeing the value and worth in every human being who has yet to receive the Gospel message that Immanuel is indeed risen, ascended and seated at right hand of our Abba YHWH! Contact us with questions, Holy Spirit will provide the answers. We pray you ask yourself are you a son or daughter called to fish for His Kingdom.